The Wench’s Cocktale

The Wench’s Cocktale: A Bay Area Memoir will take the reader on a passionate, sexually explicit journey of a woman’s struggle working as a prostitute on the streets of The Bay Area in California. While learning to love and understand herself, Jo experiences heartache and pain that causes her to make quick decisions through the chaos of anxiety and addiction.

It’s said that The Wench’s Cocktale is not for everyone, and that’s true. But it is unique in that the author’s vulnerability can be felt while the reader explores the inner thoughts of a sex addict. The language, descriptions, and the content are brutal at times and can trigger trauma for those who may have experienced similar situations.

Ultimately, The Wench’s Cocktale is a story about healing, empowerment, finding sexual pleasure after trauma, and encouraging others to identify with their trauma so they can allow for healing and wellness.


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~8.03.16~ Today, Ozzy Osbourne has admitted his struggle with living with sex addiction. One of the last scenes of my book is with Ozzy. I remember driving my truck up north and crying all the way up I5 while I listened to his music over and over. Now, with the self publication of my book and the new adventures of submitting my memoirs to newsletters, contests, and award options I find myself connecting my current life with my past life. I’m coming to terms with things with more truth and validation. The struggle is real! As I sit here, in class, and watch my fellow classmates give and receive massage, I am brought to tears. As I think about who I am and what I’ve become, I’m feeling a sense of calm and determination. Ozzy is one of my mentors; he may not know that, but it’s okay! I love that man!

~7.24.16~ Happy Leo Celebration. Today is the beginning of the Leo cycle, and I intend on celebrating every day. I’m going to be focusing on myself throughout this cycle because I have changed in many ways since the last Leo cycle. To be honest, I haven’t celebrated a full Leo cycle since 2013, when I started my detox blog. But, regardless of how long it’s been since I last celebrated, I’m going to focus on all that’s changed since then. I may even reflect further and identify the things that have changed over the many years I’ve been woke…

~6.21.16~ Happy Summer Solstice. What a beautiful full moon that was last night. I find myself back home, unfamiliar faces, familiar roads, new locations, and more clients. History repeats itself, okay! I see how that could be true. My intent is different, but I am doing the things I was doing during the days of The Wench’s Cocktale. I’m driving around town, meeting new people, massaging bodies, and having such a wonderful time with all of it. The only difference is, I’m not selling my body. I’m not sexually active or interested in anything or anyone except my husband. It’s amazing to me to see all of this and it may not make much sense to anyone else, but that’s not the point of this entry. The point to this entry is simply to identify my intent to a healthier life in the same place I had an unhealthy life. Things are so different. The people I am meeting are healers. I’m finding my tribe out here. None of them know anything about me. That will change. I will do business with some of these people and become friends with the others. Regardless, I will be working with them, healing with them, and sharing life with them.  The Wench’s Cocktale is the foundation to my wellness. Now I need to go share that shit! LOL! Yup! So Mote It Be!

~3.23.16~ I just hit 6 book sales, received 1 amazon review, and paid for 30 days of Twitter promotion. The feeling I have is beyond anything I could have ever imagined. I didn’t realize the amount of time I spent healing, writing, and connecting with myself was going to produce such an amazing journey. I am beyond blessed to be alive!

~3.15.16 ~ Here I am, on his birthday, celebrating the release of my book; our story! Where the love began, the heartache broke me, and the history is printed! The book is ready for sale and I’m ready for this journey!

~ 3.4.16 ~ After receiving the proof, I have decided to run with it. There are some interior design changes that could be made, but I am ready to make the next step forward. If changes will happen in the future, it’ll turn into a second edition. Right now, however, I have decided to approve this first run of my book. I am proud. I am excited. I am scared.

~ 2.28.16 ~ I just ordered the first printed proof of my book.

~ 2.27.16 ~ I never expected things to turn so quickly and so abruptly.  It was out of my hands. I’ll stick to that saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Okay! Got it! Now, I will self-publish. Now, I will accomplish my dreams by myself. I tried; I wanted to work with others, but due to personal morals and work ethic, it looks like I’m alone again.

Abandonment is one of the worst triggers for me. Just when I’ve identified the pain and claim to understand it, something happens, that is out of my control, and I’m left picking up the pieces of my broken attempts to work well with others. It’s a blessing, really. I needed to be pushed. I needed to be shown a new direction. The Universe did, indeed, give me messages throughout this journey.

I’ve decided that I am going to continue doing what serves my happiness as a writer and a healer. Everything else will come. I can’t live my life for someone else or by someone else’s rules and limitations. My morals, goals, empathetic abilities, and ambition for self-healing will guide me through this experience with ease and struggle. I’m ready for it. Keeping the faith will give me the chance to make my reality a dream come true. I am an author. I will self-publish. I will succeed.

~ 2.13.16 ~ Identifying with the young woman I was when I worked the streets of the Bay Area has given me strength to further my dreams of becoming an author. I’ve always been a writer, and I’ve been published quite a few times already. Throughout my career as a college student, I was part of many publications. The college newspaper, The Experience, at Los Medanos College gave me my start with writing. It’s where A Cup of Jo Bruno started. I’m forever grateful for that opportunity to strengthen my writing skills.

Now, I have a book; it’s a memoir. I’m working on publishing my book now. Graphics are being created and design is in the making. I keep reading articles about how to publish a book, how to make money doing it, and how not to fail. It seems that I am way ahead of the game, which gives me hope. I’ve created my #CupOfJoBruno brand years ago, not realizing I was promoting my book.