Curriculum Vitae

Jo Bruno


California Association of Mental Health Peer-Run Organizations (CAMHPRO): Part-time contract work as Social Media Specialist

National Holistic Institute (Emeryville Campus): Full time student, spa/clinic work, deep tissue, MFT, table & chair massage with an emphasis in business ownership.

Massage Garage: Massage therapy externship

Prison Reentry: Connecting prisoners with their families. Advocating for system change.



Long Haul Truck Driver: Schneider Trucking
Newspaper Reporter: Niwot, CO. Newspaper
Non-Traditional Student Peer Advisor: Western Oregon University
Freelance writer: Columnist for college newspapers
Freelance photographer: Photographer for college and local newspapers
Freelance graphic designer: Make unique business logos
Graphic Design Artist: Los Medanos College
Shipping and Receiving Supervisor: Pacific Pride Distribution



Bachelor of Science Degree in Anthropology (2014) Western Oregon University
Associates Degree in Journalism (2010) Los Medanos College
High School Diploma (1998) Pittsburg Senior High School



Writing, African studies, religion and spirituality, environmental concerns, sustainable living, homegrown foods, humanitarianism, wildlife conservation, culture awareness, communications, public relations, photography, graphic design, prison reform, racial differences in criminal justice, health and wellness, prayer, manifestations, tarot, numerology


The Wench’s Cocktale: A Bay Area Memoir
(2016) Written and self published by Jo Bruno

Wild in the Willamette
(2015) Minto-Brown Island Park Review

Northwest Passage: Western Oregon University
(2014) Keepin’ It 100

Independence, Oregon Heritage Newsletter
2012-2013 Bi-Weekly Newsletters

Northwest Passage: Western Oregon University
(2011) A Poem

The Experience: Los Medanos College Student Newspaper

Cup of Jo Column: Grieving for the ones you love 2010
Cup of Jo Column: Remembering the good times 2010
Cup of Jo Column: Metamorphosis of an individual 2010
Cup of Jo Column: Wackness in the world of Wicked 2010
Cup of Jo Column: Reflect and find your true self 2010
Cup of Jo Column: Lend a helping hand on campus 2009
Photo & Cutline: Police aides provide help 2009
News Article: Students rock the mic, Honors hosts a successful event 2009
Cup of Jo Column: Good service, good attitude 2009
Cup of Jo Column: Get involved in your community 2009
Photo & Cutline: Clubs cater to everyone 2009
News Article & Photo: Films educate students 2009
News Article & Photo: Slow Foods film show 2009
Cup of Jo Column: Breaking the cycle of habits 2009
News Article & Photo: Raising awareness through Social Justice Films 2009          Editorial: New book editions, same old headaches 2009
Photo & Cutline: Getting back on the field 2009
Editorial: Welcome to the Core 2009
Photo & Cutline: New face in the library: Wentworth’s ready for students 2009
Photos & Cutline: LMC tagged 2009
Photo & Cutline: Cement roof leaks
Editorial: Leave the drama behind 2009
Cup of Jo Column: Countdown to a continuous cycle 2009
News Article & Photo: A very religious conversation 2009
Photos & Cutline: REACH air response team gives demonstration 2009
Cartoon: Spring Break 2009
Photo & Cutline: Touring UC Davis 2009
Cup of Jo Column: Getting high on life is less costly 2009
Photo & Cutline: Local gets nominated for first annual award 2009
Cup of Jo Column: What will happen when I am 70 2009
Photo & Cutline: New assistant at Brentwood 2009
Cup of Jo Column: From my family to your family 2009
Photos & Cutline: Annual cook-off returns to campus: Big mouthful of chili 2009
Cup of Jo Column: Conquer the midterm stress 2009
Photo & Cutline: Live from LMC: KQED broadcasts from library 2009
Cup of Jo Column: Don’t let time be your pilot 2009
Photo & Cutline: Great outcome for weekend retreat 2009
Photo & Cutline: Culinary at Diablo Valley Ranch 2009
News Article: Cash tribute band a hit: Johnny lives on through Evans 2009
News Article: District wants Obama to read 2009
Cup of Jo Column: Make a change for the better 2009
Photo & Cutline: Fun in week one 2009
Cup of Jo Column: What education can do for you 2008
Photos & Cutline: A piece of nature … amid the concrete jungle of LMC 2008
News Article & Photo: Math professor passion about touching lives 2008
News Article & Photo: Football and soccer use field for first time 2008
News Article: Films draw crowd 2008
Photos & Cutline: Carnival comes to campus
News Article & Photos: Student get hyphy in cafeteria 2008
Photos & Cutline: Campus goes retro for a night 2008
Cartoon: If I smoke, where am I supposed to study on campus? 2008
Photos & Cutline: Artist duo comes to campus 2008
Photos & Cutline: Something is rotten: Caution on LMC grounds 2008
News Article & Photos: Evaluation team reviews LMC 2008
Photos & Cutline: Election brings change 2008
Photos & Cutline: Powwow finally returns to LMC 2008
Photos & Cutline: Club honors Hispanic Culture
News Article & Photo: Career-based technology programs grow 2008

Anchor Line, Pittsburg, California City Newsletter: Construction photos (2009)



Service Learning Trip to Haiti: (2013) Hands on fieldwork and field study WOU 

Kenyanthropus platyops: The Bush-Like Evolutionary Tree (2011) research WOU

Photos Capture Life, Death and the Truth: (2011) research WOU

Building Structure by use of Dinnertime Conversations (2011) Field study WOU

Tend a Garden and Find Yourself (2010) research WOU

Plantation owners: American view on Voodoo Religion (2009) research LMC

Wolves (2009) research LMC

Struggles of Life Regardless of Culture (2009) research LMC



Los Medanos College Associated Student Grant: $1,000 in acknowledgement of commitment and dedication as a student in 2009-2010

First Amendment Journalism Grant: $1,000 in acknowledgement of commitment and dedication as a student in 2009-2010

Diablo Valley Retired Teachers Association: $5,000 in acknowledgement of commitment and dedication as a student in 2009-2010

The Anthony Davi Achievement Award: $10,000 for the commitment to complete associates degree at Los Medanos College 2010

Los Medanos College Associated Student Grant: $1,000 to help the Student Ambassadors plant trees on the Los Medanos College campus 2010



POCC Panel Discussion: Discussion panelist as a part of POCC-TAY June 2016

CAMHPRO Annual Conference, Sacramento: Hashtag Healing: A Guide to Wellness Through Social Media Presentation 2016

Service Learning Trip: Haiti 2013

NACA conference 2013 – The National Association for Campus Activities

American Association of Physical Anthropologists 2012

Leadership Retreat 2012

Lobbying 2012 & 2013

Journalism conferences 2009 & 2008



Who’s Who Award: One of the most prestigious awards the academic community can bestow. This exclusive honor is conferred by more than 1,000 schools in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and is symbolized by the presentation of an award certificate. 2014 & 2012 WOU

Office of Student Life: Leader for Social Change Award: For actively working towards social change and commitment to building a socially just space on campus, one characterized by physical and psychological safety for all 2010

Certificate of Transfer: for successfully completing all the requirements to transfer to Baccalaureate Institution 2010

Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS) Appreciation Award: In recognition of academic achievement and overall college success: Qualities that embody positive influences on the EOPS and LMC communities 2010

Certificate of Excellence: Experience Senior Staff Writer: Los Medanos College Journalism Department in recognition of dedication and service to the college newspaper and its readers 2010

Certificate of Excellence: Experience Photo Editor: Los Medanos College Journalism Department in recognition of dedication and service to the college newspaper and its readers 2010

Certificate of Participation: Student Club Officer: For dedicated involvement as an Officer for a Los Medanos College Student Club 2009

Club of the year: Skool House Rox 2009

Awarded Officer: Treasurer of Skool House Rox 2009

Certificate of Excellence: Experience Staff Writer and Photographer: Los Medanos College Journalism Department in recognition of dedication and service to the college newspaper and its readers 2008



Heritage Board Member: Public relations assistant (2012-2014) Independence, Oregon Heritage Museum

Non-Traditional Students: Student advisor (2012-201) Western Oregon University (WOU)

Anthropology Club: Club Founder and President (2010-2014) Western Oregon University (WOU)

Black Student Union: Club Member (2011-2014) WOU

Lead Student Ambassador: Structure campus tours, tutor students, and student leadership (2009-2010) LMC

Freedom Papers: Wrote provocative and pressing pieces about current events (2009-2010) LMC

Skool House Rox: (2009-2010) LMC:

Cultural Arts Festival: Graphic design, scheduling, and outreach (2009)

Office of Student Life Los Medanos College: Graphic Design (2008-2010)

Student Engagement and Leadership Awards and Recognition: 2010

Cal Student Leadership Symposium: 2010

Social Justice Film Series: 2009-2010

Bike to Work Day: 2009

Free Bus Pass Program: 2009

Academic Competition: 2009

Mustang Madness: 2009

Boy’s Varsity Tournament: 2009




Lisa Catto
Public Relations Specialist at Western Oregon University

Cindy McGrath
Publications Adviser, Journalism Instructor at Los Medanos College

Curtis Corlew
Graphic Design, Photography at Los Medanos College