ACoJB prides itself on positive attributions towards the journey of healing and wellness, which involves the client’s truth and balance focused on a more holistic approach to life, love, and personal lessons.

Positive Attributions (the senses)

  • Touch: Massage work, barefoot upon walking in, heart to heart hugs
  • Taste: Cup of Jo Bruno, teas, coffee, baked goods
  • Smell: Aromatherapy, sage, brewed coffee/tea
  • Sound: Flutes, piano, singing bowl, drums
  • Sight: Quotes, affirmations, solid colors, pillows, alters, prayer stations
  • Energy: Chi (qi), Feng Shui, Chakra, third eye, Riki

It’s a bittersweet blend* of Bay Area street attitude mixed with PTSD, sexual trauma, college education, advocacy for systems change, peer support, healing, wellness, and unconditional love

The Bittersweet Blend of ACoJB

Bitterness: Chronic pain, sexual trauma, depression, anxiety, and Empath problems. I have trust issues, been disrespect (ed) (ful), question social justice and the lack there of, and I advocate for system change. Journalism, anthropology, structures, and college education & tuition has changed “ignorance is bliss,” because ignorance is unacceptable. I have judgments, understand race in America, war, money, and corporate American prison systems: for profit. Things like western medicine, professionalism, entitlement, titles, religion, and competition confuse me.

Sweetness: I’ve learned resiliency from understanding my personal struggle, finding spirituality, respecting nature, and respecting myself. I enjoy listening, hearing, observation, writing, feelings, awareness, and healing. I see in multidimensional levels. I’m encouraging, validating, worthy, kind, friendly, sincere, honest, humble, and relevant.  Compassion and support are important to me and I value vulnerability, respect, and trustworthiness. I have become a teacher, but I am always a student.