Massage Work

Studying massage therapy at National Holistic Institute (NHI) in Emeryville, CA has guided my hands to the bodies that need healing energy. I’ve earned over 600 hours of hands-on work through class practicum, externship hours, and student work-clinic hours. I will graduate the program on April 10, 2017 at which time I will have obtained 900 hours of massage work.

I’m expected to be certified by mid to late February, at which time I will be looking for work in Santa Clara and surrounding areas. Chair massage is my main focus of work at the moment. I will start taking personal clients as the year progresses. I like the idea of coming to my client, so traveling massage is the work I see myself doing in the coming months.

Ultimately I want to work at health & wellness conferences, special events, and other community gathers that will allow me to provide 15-20 minute chair massages. At every event, I will set up a sacred space with healing decor, doTERRA aroma, and soothing music.

For larger crowds, I have fellow classmates with similar credentials interested in joining me

Externship Hours

Massage Garage w/ Keri Denney: Kaiser Chair Massage: Lobbies, holiday events, 5K runs, and special events: Representing Massage Garage, I attend events that Kaiser provides for their employees

Self Care with Keri: doTERRA events, chair massage recruitment, and branding and marketing

Black Teacher ProjectChair massage for teacher’s monthly wellness days

Student Work-Clinic Hours

Massage WorkThree 50-minute massages in one four-hour work schedule using both swedish/table style massage and Shiatsu/mat style massage

NHI S.O.A.P notesNotes taken during client assessment, what was experienced during the massage, anything the client pointed out or mentioned about pain or tension, and reassessment

Front desk: Money exchange, handle client documentation, answer phones, and schedule appointments

ACoJB’s Style of Practice:
A brief description of modalities

Aromatherapy: Using doTERRA products, I have the opportunity to provide aromatherapy, aromatouch, and aroma healing for the client(s). Since I have a sensitivity to smell, there are a few aromas I cannot work with.

Deep Tissue: This work is very focused work on muscles that need deeper work for purpose of tension release. Using forearms or elbows, I will assess the problem muscle(s) and advise the client to breathe deeply as I proceed to add pressure.

Energy Work: My personal style of energy work is focused on the Heart Chakra with emphasis on upper back, shoulder/neck stretches and rotation, pectoral work, and head and crown point work

Hot Stone Massage: Once I obtain the proper material for hot stone massage, I will provide this service. This service is also a great opportunity for aromatouch therapy. Working with hot stone is a great way to warm up the tissue before the massage and it also helps increase relaxation for the client.

Joint Mobilization: Allowing me to rotate your joints, I’m able to perform stretches and passive movements. This style of mobilizations works best when the client is fully clothes, wearing comfortable pants.

Myofascial Therapy (MFT): A series of pointwork, finger pressure, and focused sawing motions on the muscle belly, tendon, and ligaments of the specific area being worked. With the intent of lengthening the muscle or breaking up scar tissue, I can perform techniques specifically designed for MFT work.

Prenatal Massage: I will be taking advance courses to obtain a prenatal massage certificate.

Shiatsu: This style of massage is mixed into all styles of my massage work. Shiatsu is more pointwork, not gliding strokes. I use pointwork in chair massage as well as during swedish massage.

Spa Life: With a basic understanding of foot scrubs, body wraps, body scrubs, and/or mineral facials, I can provide a variety of modalities. I am researching products and as time goes on, I will collect a doTERRA set for spa life options.

Sports Massage: I will be taking advance courses to obtain a sports massage certificate.

Swedish: With a gentle touch and specific focus on client’s needs, I will provide a massage with lotion and gliding strokes. This particular massage is performed with sheets and blankets on a massage table. The client is mostly undressed – always to the client’s comfort level – and I move from section to section using the sheets and blankets as ways to massage different areas of the body. At all times, the client will be professionally covered.