Why it matters

We are living in a time where our voices are most important. We have the ability to share stories with one another, which gives us strength as a union. It’s important for us to identify with each other and sometimes we need someone who not only understands us but someone to encourage us and validate us. That’s what I do.

It matters because the only way we can learn about the other is by listening (or, in some cases, reading). It’s going to be uncomfortable. It’s going to be difficult and sometimes unbearable, but healing comes from that. It’s important because those of us who have experienced trauma need people who have lived experience.

Struggling with anxiety and depression, and dealing with triggers that bring memories of trauma are all too familiar to me. I’ve learned how to live with these things every day. I doubt myself often because of it. It’s taken years of identifying my triggers to overcome the pain they bring on a daily basis. I have activities, routines, and friends who help me through it.

It matters because if I can prevent our youth from sexually exploiting themselves, I will.
It matters because our future is our youth, and they need guidance.
It matters because I never had a mentor or a peer specialist willing to help me.
It matters because The People are working hard to advocate for what our world needs.

We need love. We need encouragement. We need understanding, compassion, and second chances. We need change. We need to end corruption in the political systems. We need educated individuals to become police office instead of the so called protection we have now. We need healing.

Mental health is an extremely important reason why it matters.

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