About Jo


Born and raised in the Bay Area, Jo Ann Bruno is the first generation to graduate. She attended the university system to study journalism, graphic design, writing, and anthropology. She is passionate about social justice, women in the sex industry, and is a strong advocate for prison reform and encouraging healing after trauma. Jo is currently working as a Social Media Strategist for California Association of Mental Health Peer Run Organizations, a Statewide organization advocating for mental health, peer support, and wellness. Currently, she attends National Holistic Institute full time, where she has nearly 600 hours of hands on massage and 70+ hours of externship hours with Massage Garage. 


Ingredients of A Cup of Jo Bruno

Writing is essential to my overall happiness. It’s where I can express my truth. Behind the camera lens gives me the blessed opportunity to focus and capture what my eye truly sees. Dreadlocks were rooted in my ancestral spirituality; I took a journey of the soul that locked my energy into my being. Tattoos share the stories of my damaged soul that’s been mended and strengthened. Beautiful smile and brown eyes are what kept me safe.

I’m full of Leo passion, unconditional love, and encouragement. The empathetic depth of my being usually scares people, but I’ve learned how to use that to comfort people when they’re struggling. There isn’t a day I don’t write, reflect and/or express myself. I’ve worked on the streets, in a warehouse, and attended the university system.

The 2016/2017 year indicates that this is my 36th year living in this body, realm, and state of being. I recently published The Wench’s Cocktale: A Bay Area Memoir, where I share my story of addiction, anxiety, and the inner struggles of how I functioned through life with sexual trauma. I have returned home, to the Bay Area, after a Colorado homeless adventure and driving long haul trucks. Now, I’m currently studying massage therapy, where I intend on creating a personal business for  those who need a healing touch.

My life will take a drastic change, my world will expand, and I’ll learn new things about what love means when My Love returns home in early spring.